How to set up a Pro-Ject Turntable video

We’ll show you what to do after unboxing your Pro-Ject turntable. Some people get quite nervous when you mention that most turntables come ‘freight packed’, but never fear: Crighton from The Listening Post NZ guides you through setting up the turntable and balancing the tonearm and stylus. While the process varies slightly between their models, the instructions below will allow you to set up almost any Pro-Ject record player.

Summary of setup video…

The deck is supplied partially disassembled and carefully packed to guarantee a safe transport.

  • Remove all parts from the transport packaging carefully.
  • Make sure the surface you want to place the turntable is leveled (use a spirit level).
  • Remove the transport lock from the tonearm (store it in the original packaging so it is available for future transportation).
  • Fit the drive belt around the hub and the smaller diameter part of the motor pulley. Avoid getting sweat or grease on the belt as these will deteriorate the performance and reduce the belt’s lifespan. Use absorbent kitchen paper to remove any oil or grease from the outer edge of the hub and the belt.
  • Put the platter and felt mat over the spindle of the hub.
  • Attach the counterweight to the back of the turntable arm (balancing is best described in the video).
  • For further instructions, please watch the video above.

Find out more information about setup in the manual – Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable Manual

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