I got Rithum, I got Music..

The new Rithum Keypad, These are a new compact and cost effective home control solution.
The Rithum Switch simplifies controlling your smart home and takes just minutes to setup. It provides convenient control of smart lighting, audio and climate systems from one device. In NZ out of the box Rithum can control, Phillips Hue, Sonos and BluOs Lite (up to 4 zones)
With plugins available for HD Anywhere, Blustream, Fibaro lighting and Climate, Rako Lighting, Lutron Ra2 and Tado Climate.
The Rithum keypads, connect to your Wi-Fi scan your network, and auto populate the zones and lights based on connected devices, and give functionality based on your system and hardware. you can access Programmed scenes and make favorites for Music and lighting solutions.
Working in conjunction with existing systems, and be able to schedule climate systems.

This makes for a great point which can easily be added above any existing light switch, and reinforce app control from your phone and tablet.
Especially with create a quick point to turn lights or music on/off, You can also easily control sound/Lights with a few touches, filling the rooms with your favourite music in only a few seconds, as you’d expect from a smart home control panel. A smart audio control panel that stops you from having to turn the radio on or fumble with the buttons on your speakers or quickly adjust volume with out unlocking your phone and opening an App up.
When the screen is in standby, a short hold toggles the lights or a double tap gets your music playing. Rithum Switch’s standby gestures mean you can get up and running as quickly as possible. Just setup which room you want to toggle with the hold gesture. The double tap gesture will play/pause the last selected audio zone.

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Check out Rithums website for more info, https://rithumhome.com/

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