iFi Groundhog+ Now In Store

iFi Groundhog+ Now In Store
iFi have released the Groundhog+, which helps eliminate hum, buzz and hiss noises so you can better enjoy your music!
If you’re already knowledgeable about iFi’s current earthing system, the Groundhog, you might be wondering why they’ve introduced a new product with the exact same adapters. Well the new Groundhog+ comes with a banana / RCA (male cable) for grounding with the iFi AC iPurifier to your equipment.
The AC iPurifier will rid your system of electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference. Attach the banana connector to the AC iPurifier and the RCA connector to your amplifier. Not only have you added back the shielding provided by the Groundhog+, but you’ve also stopped outside interference as well.
So if you’re wanting to place a dual attack on noisy power, then come in store today to purchase the Groundhog+.

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