Igloo Pre-Pay TV has arrived in NZ

Igloo Pre-Pay TV coming to NZ
Igloo TV, a prepaid TV service,has launched in New Zealand. Igloo is a partnership between Sky and TVNZ, targeted at customers who want something more than FreeView, but can’t be bothered paying for Sky. Customers will be able to pay in advance for “30-day channel packs” that will let them watch 11 Sky channels. The channels will be broadcast using the same technology as FreeviewHD. Sky’s sports channels aren’t included, but viewers will be able to pay to see “the best sports live” on a pay-per-view basis. They will also be able to rent “thousands of blockbuster movies and TV episodes” by downloading them to a set-top box over the internet.
From their website:
“IGLOO is a digital set top box that plugs into your telly and broadcasts through your UHF aerial. It allows you to access all of the Free-to-air channels

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