Install Spotify and other APKs on an Astell & Kern Player

Spotify and other APKS on an A&K
Install Spotify and more on your A&K device!
Astell & Kern have listened to the masses and added Spotify, Soundcloud, and around twenty other apps to a range of their Portable players! You might have missed this though, as the apps do not come pre-installed – you’ll need to do that yourself.
A&K have a guide on how to install one of these apps, found here, although I didn’t find it to be very clear, and I have made one that I find to be a bit more in depth.
Here is how you do it:
Firstly this will only work with the SP1000, SP1000M, SE100, and the SR15.
The Twenty one apps that are supported by Open App Service are Amazon music, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Pandora, Melon, Bugs, FLO, AWA, QQ Music, KK Box, Sirius MX, Tune-In, myTuner, KT genie, bandcamp, Joox, Moov, Qobuz, DS Audio, and Deezer.
In order to install one of these apps, you’ll need to download and APK (Android Application Package). Astell & Kern’s walk though suggested, so that’s what I’ll recommend too.
On a PC, search for the app you want to install (I am using Spotify for this demo) and download it.
You’ll then want to plug in the Player to your PC while it’s on, so you can copy/paste the APK into the “OpenService” folder in the “Internal Storage” folder.
If you cannot find the folder, it must mean that your Players firmware is not up to date, which you can update in the player’s settings (once it’s connected to WiFi)
Once the firmware is up to date and the file is in the “OpenService” folder (It will not work anywhere else), you‚Äôll find the ‚ÄúServices‚Äù option in the tray menu on your player.
Opening this will show you the apps that come pre-packaged with your player, but now also the apps that you have moved over. Opening one of these will prompt you to install, and will take a few minutes.
After the app is installed you can log in and the app should function like normal! Have fun listening to all of your favourite streaming services. This should also allow you to download songs for offline use, and let you choose where to save the music (Like a microSD card).
I used Spotify for this walk though, but all apps will have the same process.

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