Just WOW! Yamaha NS-5000’s in Wellington

Just WOW! Yamaha NS-5000’s in Wellington
Every now and then, Yamaha decides to make a statement…
These products tend to stand head and shoulder above everything else and become true classics. In 1974 that statement was the NS-1000 speaker, which were among the first speakers ever to use Beryllium drivers. The NS-1000 was a hit and even today performs to a standard well beyond the reach of many more “modern” designs.
Over thirty years later and Yamaha’s long development process has resulted in these beauties.
Taking advantage of more modern construction techniques, but also using the best of what made the NS-1000’s so successful in the first place the NS-5000’s are a modern, classic speaker.
Frankly, they sound astonishing… Exceptional clarity and scale with a hyper accurate soundstage, these are A class speakers that could go toe to toe with some of the very best…
Pop in to our Wellington store to experience this incredible system…

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