Magic Wire Article

Magic Wire Article
Magic Wire was recently promoted in a well-read Christchurch lifestyle magazine.
Magic Wire is a product designed for American cable TV. Designed to replace the single (admittedly ugly) co-axial cable which is currently used for connecting the cable network to an end user’s cable box. A co-axial cable is then run from the set top box to a television. There is absolutely no indication that this sort of cable will ever be used in New Zealand.
A superficial treatment such as this article, which has been blatantly “copy-pasted” off the internet, with no thought or research into the actual product, is likely to deeply mislead readers into expecting this to be instantly possible.
Creating a tidy home theatre installation takes time, care, thought and experience. It is not a problem that can be instantly solved with one magical cable. If a tidy home theatre is something you’re interested in have a look at some of the real world examples of work we have done to achieve this. We don’t need to use magic.

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