Make Your NAD T 758 Non Wireless

Make Your NAD 758 Non Wireless
The T 758 V3i is an impeccable, high-performing AV receiver which encapsulates NAD’s ‘simple is better’ design philosophy and delivers a fluid user-friendly experience.
It features built-in BluOS wireless streaming technology, letting you stream lossless music to your home theatre system from local libraries, tune in to Internet radio stations, and access popular music streaming services. You can control the music from anywhere in the house using the BluOS Controller app for mobile devices, including the ability to group other BluOS compatible wireless speakers and music players with the T 758 V3i to fill every room with music.
While that level of wireless streaming sounds like a dream to those wanting a simple to use, yet high performing home theatre system, it begs the question of whether there is an option to go non-wireless.
And now there is, with the EDIMAX EU-4306 USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.
The EU-4306 supports USB 3.0, the
newest specification of the USB standard which specifies
a maximum data transmission speed of 5Gbps. Up to
ten times faster than the existing USB 2.0 standard which
is restricted to a maximum speed of 480Mbps, USB 3.0
enables the full capacity of 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit
Ethernet to be reached through an existing USB port with
no need to install a Gigabit Ethernet card.
This adapter easily converts a USB port to an Ethernet
Port. Simply plug it in to the T 758 V3i’s BluOS Upgrade
Kit before attaching the kit via the units rear USB port.
Plug in your network cable to the EDIMAX adapter and
you’re ready to go, a non-wireless option for BluOS
streaming under $40.
Please contact us if you’d like more information on the EU-4306 – click here

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