Martin Logan ESL13a Electrostatic Speakers Arrive in our new Hutt Central Store

Electrostatic Speakers offer the ultimate in transparent music listening, offering you unparalleled immersion and insight into your chosen music. Martin Logan have developed the ultimate hybrid speaker, combining electrostatic speaker technology with double active bass drivers and Anthem Room Correction, resulting in an unrivalled listening experience, that can only be understood, in the well, listening.   We are indeed very excited to be able to offer the Opportunity to show case these incredible speakers in our Wellington store for a Limited Time, and we whole heartedly recommend calling in for the experience.   Martin Logan offer a range of Electrostatic design speakers from the affordable to the extreme, with the ESL13A being one of the best listening experiences one could have, they are also not the ceiling of potential. And they look Artistically Extraordinary.   The ESL13A fully makes sense of the phrase, you get what you pay for.         Such an impressive speaker comes in an impressive box. Check out Jason and Michael taking these beauties out of their stables.

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