Martin Logan i Series In Store Now

Martin Logan i Series In Store Now
The Motion Series from Martin Logan is inspired by the performance of their ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers and is perfect for music or home cinema lovers. Discover confident floorstanding speakers, and gutsy compact bookshelf models with timber-matched centers, all featuring Martin Logan’s cutting edge Folded Motion tweeter and backed by exceptional components and hand-built crossovers. They reveal a richly detailed audio experience at an unrivalled price.
There are three floorstanding speakers, the Motion 20i, which features a Folded Motion tweeter and dual 5.5-inch mid/bass drivers, the Motion 40i, which has the same tweeter, one 5.5-inch midrange driver and dual 6.5-inch bass drivers, and the Motion 60XTi, which ups the ante with a 6.5-inch midrange and twin 8-inch bass drivers.
For bookshelf speakers, you have the Motion 15i, with tweeter and 5.25-inch mid/bass driver, and the Motion 35XTi, which has a 6.5-inch mid/bass. There are also two centre channel speakers, the Motion 30i, which features a tweeter and two 5.5-inch drivers, and the Motion 50XTi, which increases the mid/bass drivers to 6.5 inches.
We have recently received the 40i and 20i floorstanders, and the 15i bookshelf speakers in both of our stores. The photos below were taken only days ago for you all to get a glimpse of just how stunning these speakers are. We have also filmed some unboxing videos for these products which we’ll be posting soon.
Come in today for a demo of these beautiful pieces from Martin Logan, they sound even better than they look!

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