McIntosh Audio Wall / Desk Clock

McIntosh Audio Wall / Desk Clock
McIntosh Audio has had a wide range of lovely accessories to complement their range of Hi Fi. They do key-rings, deck chairs,
lapel pins, beach towels, bags and even their book (history of McIntosh). Now to complete the range, McIntosh has added a Clock. Made from the front fascia of their MC-252 power amp, with rear screen printed 10mm glass, aluminium trim and their classic fiber-optic illuminated meters displaying hours and minutes. The clock looks exactly like the front of one of their power amps, but as its only a few centimeters thick, can be wall or desk mounted. This bad boy is not for the faint hearted, at $2,000.00 US dollars (likely NZ price $3,500.00) it is not a cheap purchase, but its better then trying to purchase another MC-252 just to mount on your man cave.

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