McIntosh Home Theater in Demo Lounge 3

McIntosh Home Theater in Demo Lounge 3
Due to some interesting circumstances, we are currently running 3 (THREE) McIntosh MC252 Power Amplifiers in the Demo Lounge 3 Home Theater setup. Using the 250 Watt per channel bad boys in stereo, we are vertically biamping some Paradigm S8 Floorstanding speakers and a CC590 Center Speaker. 500 watts does amazing things with these speakers!
With our recent renovations, we have added 7.2 to the room, with Paradigm Studio ADP 590 dipoles, Studio 20 rear surrounds, and dual Dynaudio Sub500 subwoofers.
Coupled with the Optoma HD-83 full 3D projector, I’m not sure I can take a commercial cinema seriously ever again!
As always, if you are in the neighborhood, swing by the shop and have a coffee and a listen

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