McIntosh MA7200 Arrives in Wellington

McIntosh MA7200 Arrives in Wellington
We unbox McIntosh’s MA7200
We’ve recently received our MA7200 from McIntosh here in the Wellington store. See below for some more images.
The Box.
McIntosh amplifiers are quite heavy, and as part of that have very robust packaging for protection. Even the packaging is intimidating!
In true McIntosh style, the MA7200 is Double Boxed for Protection. This creates a hollow area around the product itself. The down side of all of this protection is that the outer box is quite large.
Inside the inside, you find the product itself. Wrapped in plastic, with a desiccant pouch to protect against moisture, the whole amplifier is then bolted to a base plate to keep it from bouncing around.
Another shot of the inner box.
Now to the good stuff! Once the box is removed, you are left with the amplifier itself.
The amplifier itself, looking down the heatsinks.
The heatsinks have the McIntosh logo on them, which is quite a nice touch.
I always get a kick of the circuit diagrams screen printed on the top of the Transformer and Autoformers.
A shot of the back. There are no shortage of inputs on this guy!
Another shot of the front.
An artistic angled shot in our demo lounge.
And another beautiful shot of one of the McIntosh MA7200 amplifier’s many good sides.

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