McIntosh Release New Models

McIntosh Release New Models
McIntosh produce some of the finest sounding (and best looking) gear on the planet. When they introduce new products we sit up and take notice. The following models have just been announced, and we can’t wait for them to arrive in-store.
MCD600 SACD/CD Player
The new MCD600 features twin lasers, quad balanced 32bit DACs, and will play back all major formats (including DSD via USB flash drive). Being a McIntosh, we expect unbelievable sound quality and a build quality that’s second to none.
MCT500 SACD/CD Transport
Designed to be paired with an external digital to analogue converter, the MCT500 features twin lasers (like the MCD600), and delivers PCM or DSD over coax, optical, or balanced digital outputs. McIntosh’s exclusive MCT connection is also available. For the very finest disc-based digital system the MCT500 will be extremely hard to beat.
MT2 Precision Turntable
We’re in love (or is it lust?): inheriting technology from it’s upper-tier siblings (the MT5 and MT10) the MT2 makes world-class analogue performance even more accessible. Featuring a high output moving coil cartridge (compatible with moving magnet inputs), and with its tracking, anti-skate, cartridge overhang, and arm height all preset from the factory, getting the best out of your vinyl has never been easier. This is one stunning looking turntable!
MC462 2-Channel Power Amplifier
At 450 quad-balanced Watts per channel, the MC462 is McIntosh’s most powerful two channel power amplifier. Need we say more…
MC611 Mono Power Amplifier
Need even more power! A pair of the brand new MC611 mono-block power amplifiers will deliver 600 quad-balanced Watts per channel. More than enough to drive just about any pair of loudspeakers on the planet. And with McIntosh’s output autoformer technology, all 600 of those Watts are delivered to your speakers irrespective of whether they have a 2-Ohm, 4-Ohm, or 8-Ohm impedance. Undoubtedly one of the greatest amplifiers available today.
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