McIntosh Releases a Raft of New Products

New McIntosh Products Released!
McIntosh has been on a real roll lately. With a raft of new and interesting products released late last year, followed up by a three more early this year.
To recap products released late last year:
Compact Power Amplifiers: MC-301, MC152
Headphone Amplifier / Small Integrated: MHA-100
Headphones: MHP-1000
Network Streamer: MB100
And this year to top that all off, at CES 2015 they showcased three more including a dedicated CD / SACD transport which allows DSD over a proprietary DIN protocol. They also released a DSD DAC and compact network streamer.
CD / SACD Transport: MCT-450
Compact Network Streamer: MB50
DSD / High Resolution DAC: D150

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