McIntosh’s C12000 Wins Stereo Sound Grand Prix Award

McIntosh is honored to receive a Stereo Sound   2021 Grand Prix Award for their MA12000   Integrated Amplifier. With the impressive combination of valve preamplification and solid state power amplification in true Mcintosh quality, it was no surprise that the MA12000 received this award. Stereo Sound’s Grand Prix Award has been recognized to be the most prestigious award for high-end audio products in Japan – and indeed the world. Selection criteria includes not only excellent sound quality but also product originality, innovation, fit and finish, reliability and safety among others. All selections are based on Stereo Sound’s founding principle that “Audio products are not sufficient by only sounding good, it must also be comprehensively superior.”   As you would expect, this is not the first time that Mcintosh has been honored with awards at this peak of our industry. The MA12000 joins the list of Mcintosh’s previous Grand Prix Award winners consisting of the  C1100 Preamplifier , MC1.25KW ,  MC611 ,  MC2152 ,MC601, and MC501 Amplifiers, and the  MA9000 , MA7000 and MA2275 Integrated Amplifiers. We humbly thank Stereo Sound for all of these awards.

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