McIntosh’s Have Announced The Release Of The MC257 Power Amplifier

McIntosh have just announced the MC257 7-Channel Power Amplifier, the perfect piece of equipment to bring your home theater dreams to life with the sound quality and power only McIntosh can deliver. This stunning amplifier allows you to experience the latest blockbusters and favourite movies at home like never before.
There are many ways you can use and enjoy the MC257. It can power a 7-channel home theater by itself; it can be paired with either the McIntosh MI128 8-channel or MI254 4-channel digital amplifiers in home theaters that have more than 7-channels; or it can be used in 5-channel home theaters with 2 of its channels available to power a second audio zone.
For more information on this product, click the following link – McIntosh MC257 7 Channel Power Amplifier

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