McIntosh’s MCD550 Arrives In Wellington!

McIntosh’s MCD550 Arrives In Wellington!
Late yesterday afternoon we received our first piece of green glowing bliss, McIntosh’s MCD550 CD/SACD Player.
That’s a big brown box!
That’s another big brown box!
After a very short game of pass the parcel, I put the player in our reference system.
I put on dDub’s “No Smoke” from their album “Awake at Dawn”, a song I’m very familiar with.
From the first pluck of the string, there it was. The amount of detail it presented blew everything else I’ve heard away.
Subtleties in the song like his shirt sleeve rustling and nuances in playing came out. The drums come in and the pace is spot on. There is no sense of sterility, it’s all organic and it’s all right in front of me.
This is one of the best source components I have ever heard, and certainly THE BEST under $15,000.

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