Image of details of McIntosh PS2K

McIntosh’s new SUBWOOFER ! (!!!!!!! !!!!!)

McIntosh Labs has announced their new 2,000 watt active subwoofer.

It is not every day that you read a product announcement and have to STOP, take a moment, and re-read the text again (from start to finish).

McIntosh has released a 4 x 13 inch driver, 4 x 500 watt (2,000 watt total) subwoofer!

It is two meters tall (2m!). It weighs over 200 kgs! with peak output of 8,000watts! It has performance that leaves all others in their wake. Dynamics! Configurable design!, everything you would ever want!

No, it is not cheap… but with classic McIntosh design, performance and quality, it really only leaves you thinking… do I need one, or TWO ?

Check it out – HERE

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