MOON MiND App Now Available For Android

MOON MiND App Now Available for Android
Control all your MOON MiND compatible products on your Android smartphone.
MOON by Simaudio have just released their excellent app for streaming music and control on the Android platform. The app has been available to iOS users for some time now, so this has been quite eagerly awaited.
MOON MiND is perfect for streaming Tidal to your Hi-Fi system, or streaming from your NAS drive to your stereo. It can also allow control over any connected Moon components
You can view and download the app here: Google Play Store – MOON MiND App
MOON MiND is available in the following products:
MOON 180D MiND Streamer
MOON 280D Streaming DAC
MOON 380D Streaming DAC
MOON 780D Streaming DAC
MOON by Simaudio MiND App

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