Moon releases Upgraded DAC

Moon releases Upgraded DAC
Moon releases an upgraded DAC for their 650D and 750D DAC/CD Transport. This upgrade path allows users to send 24-bit data to the DAC’s USB input. The data rate can be 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192kHz.
At the heart of the new circuitry is the XMOS XS1 receiver, which is superior to the ubiquitous TAS1020B used by most other manufacturers in that it allows sampling rates up to 192kHz on the USB input. Working in conjuction with the State-of-the-Art DAC section of either machine, the data is processed in asynchronous mode, fully negating any relevancy of the clock used in the sending device as the 650D/750D clocking system takes over, having full control over the flow of data.
We expect some of these new units soon, and all new 650D and 750D will ship with the new high resolution DAC.

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