More High End Sennheiser for Wellington

Sennheiser’s High End Offerings In Store Now!
We’ve broadened our range of upper end headphones by now stocking Sennheiser’s HD800, HD700, HD650, HD600 as well as their upper end portable headphone, the Momentum M2, Momentum Wireless and the HD8DJ.
You’ll also find Oppo’s PM-1, PM-2, and PM-3 as well as Grado’s PS500 and other offerings from Audio Technica, NAD, PSB and Yamaha as well as AudioFly’s entire range.
These headphones are all out on the shelf, ready to be listened to. We also have a wide range of Headphone Amps, including Oppo’s HA-1 and HA-2, McIntosh’s MHA100, Firestone Audio’s Libby and rumour has it we may soon have Moon’s incredibly well reviewed 430HA.
Please feel free to bring in your own music on a phone, on a CD or even your laptop and have a listen!

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