NAD MDC2 BluOS-D vs MDC BluOS 2i

The new MDC2 BluOS-D module boasts many upgrades over the original MDC BluOS 2i module.   While the core features from the original MDC BlueOS 2i chip such as aptX bluetooth, streaming and internet functions, the new MDC2 BluOS-D chip adds many new features. Such as Dirac Live support, MQA decoding and dual Wi-Fi antennas.    To manage space, only a single USB input is available on the BluOS-2 board.    Please Note: The new MDC2 BluOS-D module is ONLY compatible with the C399 amplifier at this moment.   MDC-2 cards will not fit current MDC (1) units.    Check out the product page below –  NAD MDC2 BluOS-D

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