NAD T778 Presets

Recently a customer wanted to be able to switch between his 5.1 channel surround and Stereo for watching movies and listening to music, however he did not want the sub to run in stereo mode. Every time when switching to Stereo, he had to go the speaker calibration setting, change the fronts to Large and turn the sub off. While that is one way of doing it there is a easier way to accomplish this.

Before setting presets We recommend that you use the Dirac set up via the app for preset 1.

Below is a step to step guide to setting presets:

  • Go to OSD menu
  • Scroll down to AV presets
  • Go into AV presets
  • Ensure the Preset you want is selected.
  • Scroll down to Speaker set up, make sure it is changed to “YES”
  • Go out of the AV preset menu
  • Scroll up to Speaker Set up
  • (Three options will be available Speaker Calibrations, Speaker levels and speaker distance)
  • Go into Speaker Calibration, change what you want to change
  • Go out of both menu’s until presented with the original OSD menu
  • Go back down to the AV preset
  • Go down to Save presets and click on it
  • Now go up to Preset selection and select the next preset
  • Repeat the process for all other presets you wish to change
  • When you are satisfied and saved all presets Quit out of the OSD menu.

The changes you make will only be applied after you have saved your preset and quit out of the OSD menu. Now you can change the presets via the remote control supplied by pressing the corresponding number.

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