New Anthem Theater Amplifiers Arrive in Both Stores!

New Home Theater Receivers arrive in both stores!
We’re very excited to announce we will now be carrying and supporting another high quality AV brand: Anthem
Anthem is a Canadian Company well known for their long history of excellent build quality, high sound performance and cutting edge room correction software. Anthem build a range of home theater receivers, pre-amps, power amplifiers and integrated stereo amplifiers.
The Listening Post are no longer selling Anthem Home Theatre products. If you’re looking for a performance first Home Theatre Receiver, Arcam and Rotel have best options, such as the Arcam AVR390 or AVR850 or the Rotel RAP-1580.
If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable option with lots of family friendly features, you can’t go past Yamaha AVENTAGE series receivers!
If you’re looking for high end Home Theatre Pre-amp/Processors, you can choose from McIntosh or Arcam
You can see our full range of Home Theatre receivers here

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