New Audio Technica Noise Cancelling Headphones MSR7 NC

New Audio Technica Noise Cancelling Headphones MSR7 NC
Audio Technica MSR-7NC in our Wellington Showroom
Adding to our already extensive range of headphones, we now have one of the most impressive noise cancelling headphones on the market, the Audio Technica MSR7-NC. The original MRS-7 is one of my personal favourite headphones with an extremely clear sound and great comfort / build quality.
Somehow, Audio Technica have improved on that foundation, with excellent noise cancelling and built in headphone amplification. I’m very impressed. The Noise cancelling only seems to block out low frequency constant noises, which is perfect for Planes, Trains, Buses etc.
Somewhere along the line Audio Technica have also added some very impressive DSP, correcting the only obvious flaw with the MSR-7 which was a slight lack of bass weight. These are the sort of headphone’s I would very happily own.
For my taste, close to perfect, although I think some listeners might prefer even more low frequency energy.
Pop into either of our stores to have a listen to these excellent headphones…

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