New McIntosh C2600 Tube Preamp Now In Store

New McIntosh C2600 Tube Preamp Now In Store
McIntosh’s Latest Tube Triumph – High End C2600 Preamp
McIntosh have been on something of a roll lately, releasing several new models. The theme of these new releases has been taking tried-and-tested analogue designs and completely revamping the digital section – bringing them beyond the current state-of-the-art.
The C2500 was by no means a digital slouch, it had a fully-featured digital section and was a very well-regarded preamplifier. The C2600 has taken that design and added some thoughtful touches, such as extra balanced inputs and more flexible outputs and put in place a very high-end DAC.
The new digital input board includes several optical and coaxial inputs, as well as an asynchronous USB input – capable of decoding very high-resolution sample rates and DSD directly. It also adds the unique McIntosh feature of being able to decode the digital DSD output from McIntosh’s MCT450 disc player when playing SACD.
The C2500 was one of our favourite preamps, yet McIntosh have made it even better. Pop in and see the friendly team in our Christchurch store to have a listen and find out more…
New McIntosh C2600 Tube Preamplifier
See below for Crighton’s unboxing video…

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