New Musiccast Lifestyle display now in store in Christchurch

New Musiccast Lifestyle display now in store in Christchurch
We’ve just revamped the “Lifestyle” and “Headphones” areas of our Christchurch store, highlighting the way the industry has changed over the last few years. A whole new generation of music lovers are coming through and desire high end personal listening and multi-room streaming, without sacrificing the quality inherent in traditional hi-fi systems.
The Lifestyle area now prominently features Yamaha Musiccast, which is a straightforward way to stream music in excellent quality all around your home. Because of the way that Musiccast works we also have Musiccast enabled devices scattered throughout just about every area of the store. With the huge rise in the number of people trying to stream music around the house, this is looking to be a very popular addition.
You can learn a bit more about Musiccast here: Getting to know MusicCast
Some of the Musiccast products we have on display include:
WX-030 Wireless Speaker
NX-N500 Active Wireless Speakers
Yamaha RX-A1050 Home Theater Amplifier
Plus many more…
We have also revamped the headphone listening area to make it a fair amount more comfortable. Hopefully this should make it much easier for people to have a good listen, have some fun and make an informed decision about their new headphones.
We currently have set up multiple headphone amplifiers, with everything from our most popular headphones (Audio Technica M50x) right through to flagship headphones like the Sennheiser HD800 and Oppo PM-1’s and everything in between.
Feel free to pop into the store, grab a coffee and see what these headphones can do!

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