New Rotel 14 Series on the Way!

New Rotel 14 Series on the Way!
Rotel have just officially announced the launch of their new range of hi-fi components in New Zealand.
Due into New Zealand stores late September
This looks like an exciting revamp of their classic components to create something that fits in to the 21st century. They have a slick new look, and a bevy of new features, which look to really cement Rotel’s place at the top of the value for money mountain.
“More than just a slick new paint job…”
This looks to be more than just a slick new paint job, with a suite of upgrades under the hood as well. The new “14 Series” appears to have a focus on building upon the sound quality of classic Rotel designs and adding convenient new features.
Rotel A-14 Integrated Amp
Rotel A14 Integrated Amplifier
The flagship integrated amplifier for this series: 2 x 80W of clean, REAL power. Of course it has a full suite of phono and digital inputs. It also has a smooth new control app for iOS and Android. This looks to be perfect for people looking for a simple and grunty all in one system.
Rotel A-12 Integrated Amp
A balanced, compact design. Still keeping the digital and analogue inputs (including Bluetooth) This will be a perfect well balanced design for many real world situations.
Rotel A-10 Integrated Amp
Goodnight competition: Rotel’s new stuff is here!
The classic Rotel Analogue Integrated. A bulletproof, tried and tested amplifier, now with a more modern faceplate and design to fit with the rest of the series.
Rotel CD-14
A simple, well designed, carefully built CD player. Changing from the slot loading mechanism to the more traditional tray is a very welcome change indeed.
Rotel T-14 Streaming Tuner
The most forward looking and innovative new addition of all. This Play-Fi capable component allows you to add many high quality network and internet based sources including Spotify, Airplay, Internet Radio and local network sources.
“The 14 Series from Rotel is the culmination of 55 years of dedicated engineering and manufacturing to deliver extraordinary value to music lovers and audio enthusiasts everywhere.”

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