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New Sky decoder

Sky TV NZ’s new sky decoder. Something a few of us had been waiting in anticipation for.
With the hope they were going to release a product that exceeded expectations.
With the release delayed and delayed, the product released still feels not as fluid to operate as it should. A number of existing sky features not available and a bunch of the touted features still not available on the new decoder, it is leaving some wondering why they swapped hardware.

Some things we have discovered with our first few setups of the new decoder.

  1. Plug it in directly to the TV initially.
  2. Have your Sky account details on hand
  3. Have your Google account details on hand
  4. Have your Wi-Fi details on hand
  5. Dig into the android settings and turn off the auto resolution and set a fixed resolution output. ie 4k, or 1080p.
    This is under My Hub_Android settings_Screen
  6. It takes some time to Sync, and get basic Sky channels operating.
  7. If you have a theatre system, Or HD Distribution, now is when you would connect it in.
  8. If the equipment is in a remote location, or sealed cabinet, and a IR rpeater system is in use there is no visible spot in which to place the IR emitter.
    This is placed, to the Right of the power button and at the same height. (We had to pop one open to find this out.)

Finally, and my biggest frustration.
Most sky decoders in homes service more than 1 TV. RF modulation, and audio distribution, is common place and typically 2-4 TV connected to one decoder box. The new decoder has only 2 outputs, 1 HDMI and 1 Optical Audio/Toslink connection. This limits the function to share this decoder to other locations in a home. Linking to any analoge audio solution will require an external DAC of some description.

The simplest solution being to spend more with sky and employ Sky Multi-room, and have multiple decoders (there are advantages to this).
The second is a HD Modulator, this adds a delay for processing and around a 2-3 sec delay on button presses from your remote in secondary areas.
Thirdly a HD matrix solution to get direct HD feeds to all TV’s. (this may depend on internal infrastructure, or capability of running more).

So, if your contemplating the move to the new decoder, touch base and we can have a frank discussion about your system and how it may slot in and what other costs or compromises may be involved.

On a positive note.
The decoder does bring together a bunch of streaming options and TV functions into one interface and remote, definitely simplifying operation if only 1 TV is connected.

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