New Yamaha Wireless MusicCast Speakers

New Yamaha Wireless MusicCast Speakers
The WX-010 next to it’s big brother, the WX-030
The most compact MusicCast product yet!
Yamaha’s Brand new WX-010 is a super compact wireless streaming speaker. The perfect addition to any MusicCast system in a smaller room or for background sound.
This little guy packs in:
Internet Radio
Spotify Direct
DLNA / UPnP Streaming
MusicCast Linking
Great Sound Quality
Yamaha’s MusicCast System
Yamaha’s range of MusicCast products is now just about complete. With a logical and great value solution for just about every space, MusicCast gives you one app to control all of your music throughout your home.
Compact Size, Big Clear Sound
I have to say, I wasn’t expect too much from such a compact speaker that can do everything this guy can do. I was quite taken aback by just how good this little box can sound. Not bad for $399!
Pop in to the store to check out and have a play with the full MusicCast range in store!

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