Now Stocking a Range of iFi’s Products

Now Stocking a Range of iFi’s Products
The iFi Range in our Wellington store – All available for Demo
Both stores now demonstrating iFi products
We’re proud to announce that both of our stores now stock a range of products by British Company iFi Audio.
iFi Audio is an offshoot of AMR, a high end brand known for their expertise and quality, particularly with digital products, CD Players and Amplifiers. iFi is designed for the next generation of music lovers, who listen to more portable systems.
Built to high end audio standards, but offering exceptionally high value, this is one of the most exciting new brands on the market.
Some of their products include:
Micro iDSD: A battery of mains powered headphone amplifier and DAC. This unit sounds exceptionally good and will work in a massive variety of situations.
Internal shot of the Micro iDSD – Beautiful Inside and Out
Nano iCan: An excellent value portable headphone amplifier. This unit is designed to power even quite demanding headphones, buts it’s really not too expensive for the quality it offers. A must have for any headphone owner.
iPower: An extremely high quality Switch Mode Supply. These units offer even greater performance than traditional toroidal or linear power supplies, for many applications. Try one to see how the reduced noise can improve the performance of your system
iCan Pro: An extremely high end headphone amplifier for the headphone enthusiast. If you have a variety of headphones and want to get the best out of all of them, there is no better option.
The Pro iCan on Display – An Amazing Sounding Headphone Amplifier

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