Now Stocking Geneva Labs Audio Systems

Now Stocking Geneva Radio’s and Sound Systems
Geneva Classic S in our Wellington Showroom
Geneva Labs are a Swiss-based producer of modern, compact audio systems.
You can view their products on our website here: Geneva Labs
There’s no shortage of all-in-one systems on the market, but Geneva stand above almost all the competition for their sleek modern designs that genuinely sound great.
We will be stocking their completely new range, including a battery-powered portable unit, as well as two sleek mains-powered units.
The Geneva Classic S (Compact FM & Bluetooth system)
Classic S
The smaller unit in the classic series. The Classic S still packs a punch. With it’s clear punchy sound, a stable Bluetooth input and decent FM reception, what’s not to love about the Classic S?
The Classic M and Stand in our Wellington Showroom
Classic M
Larger than the Classic S, the Classic M sounds even better! It’s perfect for anyone looking for one of the best-sounding radios or Bluetooth speakers in sleek, elegant and easy-to-use form. The Classic M is definitely worth having a listen to.
It’s also relatively unique in that there is a discrete, well-engineered floorstand available (shown in the picture in our Wellington showroom).
Acustica Lounge
The Acustica Lounge is one of the best-sounding battery-powered Bluetooth speakers we have heard. This contemporary system features a suave leather finish with a polished aluminium top plate.
Geneva Classic S in Walnut

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