Now trialing: ZMF Headphones!

ZMF Headphones & you!
We’ve recently had a small selection of ZMF headphones come in to the Wellington store for assessment. In an effort for The Listening Post to offer a wide, diverse range of top quality head-fi, we go through a process of headphone trialing.
This is where one of our distributors offers us some demo stock to have a play with, and give feedback on. However, we would rather hear from you!
So, if ZMF is a brand that you’ve been interested in, or you just like to listen to high end, hand crafted headphones, feel free to get in touch and book a demo!
We’ll have these for at least a few weeks, and depending on public consensus possibly longer!
The models we have at the moment are;
About ZMF
ZMF are an American brand, offering a wide range of handcrafted headphones.
Originally, ZMF offered a range of modified Fostex headphones but as their popularity grew, so did the demand for something better. As a result, ZMF started making their own drive units as well as cups and ear pads.
Today, ZMF offer a range of open, close and semi open headphones featuring both dynamic and planar drivers.
These range in price from ~$2300 (Atticus) to ~$4600 (Verite)

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