Olive Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Olive
Olive Tips and Tricks
With the popularity of Olive and their music servers, we have quite a few happy customers. While acting like CD players most of the time, it is worth keeping in mind that these products are much, much more and sometimes do some things you might not expect.
Below, we have some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Olive music server.
Q. I have turned on my Olive, but there is only a green Olive logo on the screen. The buttons
don’t work, and I can’t see the navigation menu.
A. Simply tap the touch screen or the power button, and the menu will appear. It is important you activate the touch
screen this way before inserting a CD.
Q. How do I wake the Olive to the main menu?
A. To advance from the start-up screen to the main menu, tap the green Olive Logo on the start-up screen, or tap
the power button to enter the main menu.
Q. How do I quickly jump back to the main menu?
A. Please press and hold the left arrow button for 3 seconds. The Olive will then load the main menu.
Q. Is there a limit to how many CDs I can import in a row?
A. We recommend not to rip more than 20 CDs in a row. The encoding process can take up to 20 minutes per CD,
so after ripping 20 CDs, let the Olive encode the files for about 20-30 minutes before importing more CDs.
Q. When is it NOT okay to power off the Olive?
A. Do not turn off the system during recovery, software update, backup, restore, encoding, ripping, or while
importing from CD or computer.
Q. I can’t connect to my Wireless network. What type of password settings should I be using?
A. In your router settings, the network cipher can’t be set to AES and TKIP, instead it needs to be set to TKIP only.
Q. I can’t connect to my Wireless network. What type of password settings should I be using?
A. With earlier versions of the Olive devices, the home network can’t be set to WPA/WPA2 mixed mode. Please use
WPA2 only or WEP.
Q. When I import a CD, how do I make sure the Olive looks up the Album Art?
A. The Olive will look up the text info from an internal CD data base if the Olive is not connected to the internet. In
order to look up the album artwork, the Olive needs to be connected to the internet.
Q. Is it okay to edit files that are currently being imported/encoded to the Olive?
A. No, do not edit tracks with Maestro while being imported/encoded as this can lead to file corruption.
Q. How can I see the status of a CD import/encoding or other status the Olive is processing?
A. All running services can be monitored within the menu. Please navigate to Settings -> System Services ->
Running Services. This will display the type of process running and a total % completed for the process.
Q. How do I get newly added music to display on the Olive App?
A. On the bottom line of navigation on the Olive App, go to More> Settings> Refresh List Content and select
Refresh All. After a moment, the App will let you know that the lists have been refreshed and ready for access.
Q. What if I can’t import a CD to the Olive? Is there another way to import the CD?
A. You can rip and edit your CDs with your computer using software like MediaMonkey. Once the music is ripped
and tagged properly, import these files to the Olive over the network connection.
Q. My unit seems to be running slow. Why?
A. Please check to see if you have turned on iTunes support in the General Settings menu. Enabling this setting will
slow down the system. If not streaming to iTunes, make sure this setting is set to Off.
Q. My Olive runs slowly when navigating through the menus. What can I do?
A. To avoid slow/freezing navigation menus, Olive recommends restarting the system with the O/I button (the power
switch on the back of the Olive) every few days to re-initialize the system. If it is going to be several days
between usage of the Olive, please flip the power switch on the back of the unit to the Off (O) position.
Q. I am not able to access the import folder from my computer to import music files via the
network. Why?
A. In order for the computer to see the Olive import folder, the Olive must be on and booted to the main menu. If in
sleep/standby mode, the computer will not see the Olive. Additionally, make sure no firewalls are enabled on the
network, as this could cause network file sharing issues.
Q. How can I test if an internet radio station is supported to add as a favourite on the Olive?
A. An easy way to test an Internet Radio station is to add the station’s URL in iTunes or VLC to see if playback
functions. If it the URL plays, then it should also work with the Olive. The URLs that work best end in .PLS or
Q. What type of album art files work to upload for Album Artwork in Maestro?
A. When Uploading Album Artwork make sure to use a JPEG that is around 300 x 300 pixels, and file size of about
10-75 Kb.
Q. What if my unit is corrupt or the hard drive fails? Can I save my music?
A. Yes, backing up the Olive is simple. Olive recommends that you make sure you have a current backup of your
library, in case there is a need to restore the hard drive. You can use any standard USB 2.0 hard drive for the
You can also download this sheet to keep as a reference: Olive Tips and Tricks, (.pdf Format; 28Kb)

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