Oppo Sonica now in Store!

Oppo Sonica now in Store! Amazing Compact Wireless Speaker
Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
We have just received our first shipment of yet another highly anticipated Oppo product. The Oppo Sonica is a little smaller than expected, but the sound is yet again very impressive.
My first impression was very impresive! The build quality is typical Oppo, being very finely constructed and having a “premium” feel.
The wireless setup was among the most straightforward I have tried. I simply entered my wireless network password on the app and it found the nearby Sonica speaker and connected it to the network.
The sound (once in the correct preset) was impressively open and clear, with plenty of detail. The
sense of scale and weight was also unbelievable considering the size of the unit.
Oppo have hit another one out of the park! Swing by one of our stores to hear this little ball of sound for yourself!

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