OPPO UDP-205 Inbound!

OPPO UDP-205 on its way!
The OPPO UDP-205 is available NOW in both our Christchurch and Wellington stores.
OPPO’s latest player has been finalised and has started shipping from the factory!
We now have detailed information on the UDP-205 and it looks like this is a masterclass in how to build a reference audio component.
The internal pictures we have seen show an impeccably laid out analogue output stage and a very heavily constructed mechanism.
We’ve very excited by this player as it looks like it will go head to head with some very high end D/A converters and CD players.
This might finally be the player that brings a lot of features into a single box, with the performance of the very best separate components.
We expect to start seeing these in the store by the start of May.
Keep an eye on our website as the pre-orders for the UDP-205 are expected to go very quickly (as they have for basically every OPPO player).

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