Oppo UHD Disc Player: UDP-203 Arrives and Unboxed!

Oppo UHD Disc Player: UDP-203 Arrives and Unboxed!
The long wait is finally over! We finally have our hands on Oppo’s latest creation…
UDP-203 – Universal UHD Media Player
Oppo take their time to make sure their products are ready for release, and it certainly seems this patience has paid off. The build of the new UDP203 is typical OPPO. Sleek, minimal and stunning.
You can view the OPPO UDP-203 Product Page Here
Click here to check out The Listening Post’s UDP-203 unboxing video
Every other Oppo Player has become the reference in its class, we expect the UDP-203 to be no different.
Key Highlights:
Typical Oppo Build Quality
UHD 4K Blu-Ray Playback
HDR-10 Support (Dolby Vision via 2017 firmware update)
Well thought out AKM analogue Audio Outputs
Stable Network Streaming of Audio and Video
Improved High Resolution Interface
many, many more
Our first impression is extremely positive!
“The player booted up nearly instantly and was actually pretty obvious to set up.”
We have Epson’s new TW-8300 projector, which accepts 4K source material and supports the HDR-10 standard. The image, once HDR was set up, was genuinely impeccable.
This makes streamed 4K from Youtube and Netflix look like VHS! Extremely impressive and a serious improvement over SDR 4K or 1080P. The colour seems far more lifelike and engaging. The clarity and apparent depth of the image are phenomenal.
We have very limited numbers of players on this first shipment. Get in quick to secure yours (we will have more in the new year)
Oppo UDP-203 Product Page
In Depth Look
Internal Components:
There’s no second guessing Oppo’s engineering prowess here. Every generation, they seem to be able to build more quality componentry in than just about anyone else.
Oppo UDP-203 UHD Blu-ray Player
The AKM DAC chip they are using would be quite at home on a very nice (probably quite expensive) stand alone DAC. The 4K Video Processing chip they are using from Mediatek has been designed specifically with Oppo in mind and from the specs available appears to be a significantly step forward in Video Processing power.
The power supply and analogue output stages appear to be pretty well though out for a component anywhere near this price.
Oppo UDP-203 UHD Blu-ray Player
“The Disc Mechanism itself is another Oppo creation. It seems to be extremely sturdy and quick to load.”
We haven’t had an issue even with some of our scratched discs. I suspect the error correction is doing its job well.
Overall, so far we are extremely excited by what this player has to offer. These are the best 4K Blu-Ray players we have seen by some margin. Pop in to one of our stores quickly to see what all of the fuss is about!
You can view the UDP-203 on our website here: Oppo UDP-203

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