Paradigm Founder Series in store now!

The long awaited Paradigm Founder series has dropped in store!   The Founder series is Paradigm’s first completely new line of speakers since its co0founder Scott Bagby reaquired the company back in 2019. The Founder series represents the next chapter of Paradigm, aligning more with the Paradigm that we used to love.    The whole range is designed and manufactured in Canada and is comprised of 6 speakers. 3 Floorstanders, 2 Centers and 1 Bookshelf speaker(120H, 100F, 80F, 90C, 70LCR, 40B respectively).    The Founder Series draws on both new and old Paradigm patented technologies, which are created in-house. Paradigm’s newest tweeter, the AL-MAC, is an aluminium, magnesium, and ceramic alloy for their combination of light, strong characteristics. The  AL-MAG midrange driver is a 6in aluminium magnesium alloy driven with a 2in voice coil and the company’s Perforated Phase Alignment lens, designed to focus its performance where our ears are most sensitive. Paradigm’s CARBON-X Unibody bass driver, meanwhile, has a mineral-infused carbon fibre cone and has been made in 5.5in, 6in, 7in and 8in sizes.   With 4 different finishes to choose from, these speakers will suit anyone looking to upgrade their HiFi system.

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