Paradigm Premier Range – In Store Now!

Paradigm Premier Range – In Store Now!
We are excited to announce the arrival of Paradigms new Premier range in both of ours stores. The Premier Series is designed, engineered and made in Paradigm’s state of the art Canadian facility and promises true hand-crafted build quality, utilising heavy duty, non-resonant 3/4 inch MDF, interior bracing, reinforced front baffles that it says ensures and audio performance beyond any other in this price range.
Paradigm has employed tapered-angle cabinet designs in this range that not only reduces back-wave reflections within the cabinet, but ensure more accurately dispersed audio reproduction. Partnering with Canada’s world-renowned NRC for ongoing research into human hearing and sound reproduction, its findings are employed in Paradigm’s speaker ranges starting with the Persona Series and now trickling down to the Premier Series.
The Premier Series consists of six models, including 100B Bookshelf, 200B Bookshelf, 700F Floorstander, 800F Floorstander, and two centre channel speakers, 500C and 600C. These speakers not only have beautiful cabinetry, but sound amazing also. So come in store today to experience them for yourself!
Paradigm 100B Bookshelf Speaker

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