Paradigm Teases New Persona Range

Paradigm Teases New Persona Range
Paradigm are teasing us with their latest release. This awesome video shows the crafting of a brand new series of flagship speakers.
Introducing: Paradigm’s new Persona Range….
This looks to be a complete replacement for the Signature series, which was discontinued towards the start of the year. If it’s anything like the Concept 4F speakers which Paradigm have been demonstrating lately, this is going to be an incredibly awesome set of Speakers.
The Concept 4F’s use custom made Beryllium drivers for both the tweeters and the mid-range drivers, for the ultimate in transparency and pair that up with 4 awesome 20cm long throw powered bass drivers in each cabinet. Reviewers around the world have been going crazy with all reports so far being incredibly glowing.
To make the Concept’s sound amazing in any room, they paired the drivers up with Anthem amplification and an implementation of Anthem’s industry leading ARC (Anthem Room Correction) calibration.
Needless to say we are extremely excited!
While we wait patiently for more info, we have run-out specials on the Paradigm Signature S1 stand-mount speakers, which have unbeatable clarity and wow-factor for a quite compact speaker: Paradigm Signature S1

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