PMC Speakers Now in Christchurch

PMC are a legendary British Speaker Manufacturer, known for high quality professional and home speakers. All of their speakers are built to an absolutely impeccable standard with a particular focus on the cabinet and the crucial role this has in the overall sound quality of the speaker. The overall build quality means that the closer you look and listen to these speakers the more impressive they are.
PMC implement some very interesting engineered solutions in their loudspeakers, most importantly, their Advanced Transmission Line concept, which ensures impressive linear sound quality at all volume levels. PMC are world leaders in careful high spec engineering that this design requires. That’s why you will see PMC’s high end ATL speakers in leading recording studios around the world.
We are very proud to have PMC in our store and will be slowly increasing the range and stock levels as we get our heads around their models. For now we are really enjoying listening to the PMC’s we have in store!

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