Pro-Ject Cleans Up What Hi-Fi Entry Level Turntable Awards

Pro-Ject Cleans Up What Hi-Fi Entry Level Turntable Awards
Pro-Ject’s Elemental Turntable
Pro-Ject have dominated What Hi-Fi’s recent round up of entry level turntables. Of the 5 price categories that they reviewed, Pro-Ject turntables won their respective categories. This just goes to show just how far ahead of the pack the Pro-Ject turntables are. There are no better value-for-money turntables available.
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Best Turntable Under £200.00 РPro-Ject Elemental
“The Elemental is yet another top class budget deck from Pro-Ject. It‚Äôs a fine first step on the vinyl ladder” – What Hi-Fi review
Best Tuurntable under £250.00 РPro-Ject Essential II
“Pro-Ject has done it again. The Essential II is a frill-free entry-level product that gets all the basics spot-on. It‚Äôs easy to set-up and even easier to enjoy.” – What Hi-Fi Review
Best Turntable under £350.00 РPro-Ject Debut Carbon
“It‚Äôs a clean, insightful sound that digs deep to reveal all manner of texture and nuance in the mournful guitar fiddling. All the while, the deck keeps a firm grip on the musical structure, with a good level of rhythmic precision.” – What Hi-Fi Review

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