Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO In Store Now

After much anticipation since their release, we are excited to announce that Pro-Ject’s new Debut Carbon EVO turntables have landed in both of our stores.   Pro-Ject have taken their most popular  turntable design and improved every aspect of it.  The result is an incredibly refined product. Project have continued to develop and improve their products, and have taken a best seller and made even better. We’ve received our initial stock, with loads more to come, with this latest set of upgrades the Debut Evo set to maintain it’s position as one of the best value Hi-Fi turntables around. We currently have stock available in Gloss Black and Satin Yellow. Due to supply issues there may be delays if you wish to purchase the EVO in a different colour. So, before you order feel free to give us a call to get an idea of arrival times.   So what are you waiting for? Call now!

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