Pro-Ject Record Cleaning Machine Now In Store!

Automatic Record Cleaning For Everyone
Pro-Ject’s latest creation is now in both our Christchurch and Wellington stores! The VC-S Cleaning Machine is an automatic record cleaning system at a previously unheard of price-point.
If you are looking for something better and easier than Spin-Clean, but aren’t wanting to spend thousands on higher-end vacuum cleaning machines, the Pro-Ject VC-S is the machine to be looking at.
We’ve had a lot of fun in store, getting the VC-S going on some of our older records and getting them shining (and sounding) like new again…
If you’re interested in breathing some new life in to your older records, pop into the shop and give this a spin. You can view more details here: Pro-Ject VC-S product page
Watch our VCS unboxing video below – if you want to see more of our unboxing videos subscribe to our TLPCHC Youtube channel.
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