PSB M4U Headphones Now In Store

PSB M4U Headphones Now In Store
PSB takes on the best premium noise-cancelling headphones
As PSB’s first wireless headphone to have Active Noise Cancelling, the M4U 8 drowns out the unwanted noise around you, leaving only the music you love. Featuring PSB’s renowned RoomFeel technology, the M4U 8 adds layers of vivid realism to your favourite recordings. Designed to go wherever you and your music go, the PSB M4U 8 will enrich your travels with clear, crisp sound.
We couldn’t wait for these headphones to arrive after hearing such rave reviews. Not only do these headphones have an impressive 15 hour battery life, they also have a solid, composed and controlled performance. A few of our staff members have taken the M4U’s for a spin and they weren’t short of impressed. We have a pair in our Christchurch store available for demonstration, so if you’re interested in a noise-cancelling bluetooth headphone come in today!
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