Quality Outboard Phono Stage from Arcam

Quality Outboard Phono Stage from Arcam
Arcam’s Latest Phono Preamp A Very Solid Choice
To me, the Arcam rPhono is the kind of device that I would like to have sitting quietly in a corner, not making much fuss, but making the most out of everything else in the chain.
It turns out, this isn’t as easy to do as you might think. The phono preamp has a very difficult job on its hands, amplifying the tiny signal from a minuscule moving stylus into the kind of signal your amplifier might expect from every other device. This is one link in the chain where it really pays dividends to have a solid workhorse keeping everything together.
“Yet another very sensible, well-executed design from Arcam”
Arcam has a proud reputation of actually building decent phono stages into almost all of their integrated amplifiers. That being said, there are many trade-offs made in order to fit this inside the noisy environment that is your average integrated amplifier (especially the more powerful ones…).
Arcam have turned their hands to a solution for this problem: A separate, outboard phono preamp. I must say, they have really outdone themselves this time. Every interaction with this product has made me feel like it is probably worth ten times its RRP and can really go to bat with the best of them.
A very impressive internal design
Key Highlights:
Very well engineered, low noise design
Simple, well-thought-out internal electrical design
Reassuring hefty feel & build quality
Can be made to work extremely well with almost any cartridge
Swing by the store to have a listen and a play with this impressive little device…
The Arcam rPhono is available in both our Christchurch and Wellington branches now.

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