Roon’s New Software Release

Roon’s New Software Release
Roon’s New 1.7 Software: Sleep Timer + Improved Functionality
Many Roon users listen to music in bed or while winding down for the day in their favourite listening place. Whether it’s a soothing playlist or internet radio station, it’s a great way to end the day.
With Roon’s latest update, you can do just that. Simply start your music, set when you want it to end, and fall asleep to our tunes as the music gently fades out. The sleep timer is available for any zone on any device, and can be accessed from the zone’s volume pop-up clicking on the moon crescent icon.
In addition to the new sleep timer, Roon have also implemented a number of functionality impropvements including updates to the DSP and graphics engine. Continue reading for the Room 1.7 Release Notes.
New Functionality
Sleep Timer
Tracks that end within 5 minutes of the timer will complete
Music will fade out when possible
The sleep timer is available for any zone on any device, and can be accessed from the zone’s volume popup
Improvement and Bug Fixes
Smoother connection when connecting to the core
Improved TIDAL token behavior to prevent unnecessary manual login retries
Updates to Android audio support libraries that may improve buffering behavior on some hardware
Fixed alert color of notifications when devices are waking up
Settings > Storage: Fixed broken network unavailability icon
Sharing: Restored missing close quote when sharing lyrics
Removed redundant ‘Roon Radio’ option from Composition’s play actions list
Updated copy for authorisation screen
Turning on Invert Phase for one channel no longer applies it to all channels
The “Mix” element in procedural EQ now works against a virtual 7.1 channel layout, enabling a single mix configuration to handle a variety of multichannel formats consistently.
Graphics Engine
Signal Path: Fixed copy for Linn outputs
Mobile: Restored Extensions tab to Settings window

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