Rotel’s A11 and CD11 Arrive in New Zealand

Rotel’s A11 and CD11 Arrive in New Zealand
Rotel’s Newest 14 series components
We are excited to announce the arrival of the two newest additions to the Rotel 14 Series lineup, the Rotel A11 Stereo Integrated Amplifier and the Rotel CD11 CD Player!
The Rotel A11
The Rotel A11 marries the elegant styling of their much-loved 14 Series with the classic hi-fi analogue heart of the A10, to create a versatile amplifier that brings the same warm, natural tone to vinyl and Bluetooth alike. With 50 Watts of classic Rotel Class AB power under the hood, and a high-quality phono stage built-in, the A11 is ready to bring your music to life, with the classic hi-fi feel that the Japanese brand has refined over their five decades in the field.
The Rotel CD11
Drawing on Rotel’s almost 30 years of experience in making CD players, the CD11 is a cost-efficient player that doesn’t sacrifice on sound quality or design. Every element is refined with impressive performance, natural tone, and ease of use in mind. Featuring a tray-loading CD mechanism, the CD11 offers accurate playback, to ensure you hear every bit of your music just as it was intended.
With its Texas Instruments DAC, the CD11 will reveal every bit of your music (and maybe a little bit more than you’ve heard before!). Or use the CD11’s digital connection to enjoy the benefit of a world-class CD transport, and let your DAC of choice reveal the true depth of your favourite albums.

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