Rotel’s RMB-1585 5x200W Power Amplifier Up and Running in D2

Rotel’s 5 Channel Powerhouse
Rotel’s RMB-1585 with Yamaha’s CX-A5100
We’ve recently had the pleasure to set up and run through it’s paces the Rotel RMB-1585 5 channel power amplifier.
This is Rotel’s beefiest multi channel offering, delivering 200W per channel continuous by five. We have paired this with Yamaha’s very capable CX-A5100 Processor to handle the pre-amplification and multi channel processing. Dynaudio’s Excite series make up the front 3 Left, Centre and Right in conjunction with Paradigm’s Prestige Surrounds and 1000SW Subwoofer.
Up close and personal with the RMB-1585
Playing the intro scene to Mad Max: Fury Road, the Rotel quickly shows off that it is no slouch and does a great job of giving you a bigger than life sound stage.
While being used to running 7, 9 and even 11 channels in D2, it’s refreshing to hear that even a really good 5 channel surround system can still happily keep up.
Feel free to come by and have a listen for yourself.

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